Streamlining Quality Processes With ETQ

July 2023

At Owen Mumford, we take pride in our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in the development and manufacturing of medical devices. That's why we embarked on a journey to streamline our quality processes with ETQ Reliance, and the results have been phenomenal.

Like many life sciences and medical device organisations, we faced the challenges of FDA regulations, quality and compliance risks, and the need to protect our brand value. Our previous paper-based system was resource-hungry and didn't align with our sustainability goals or the changing workplace culture brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It became clear that we needed an electronic Quality Management System (QMS) to remain competitive and future ready. 

We chose ETQ Reliance as our trusted partner, and together, we implemented a phased approach to our quality journey. We prioritised high-risk elements and validated them internally. Our quality team kicked things off by rolling out ETQ's document control module globally. We then focused on integrating with our ERP system, Epicor, streamlining our nonconformance and product control processes into a single, efficient workflow. 

Throughout this transition, we ensured everyone understood the benefits of the new system and how it would build upon our compliance continuous improvement agenda , agility, and environmental impact.  

Our collaboration with ETQ has fostered an atmosphere of unconscious compliance and created a true quality culture across our organisation. We are still on our digital transformation journey, striving to encompass as many business areas as possible within the ETQ Reliance software. Together, we are driving innovation, improving patient care, and achieving our goal of "one quality" globally.