Single Use Lancets for Home Use Lancing Devices

The Unilet® range of home use lancets from Owen Mumford enable healthcare professionals to select blood sampling devices that are best suited to their patient’s needs and enables comfortable self-management.

Flexible Finger Sampling

The specially shaped needles and choice of needle diameters of the Unilet® home use lancets ensure patients obtain the right blood volume with less pain¹.

Unilet® home use lancets have a universal design, which allows users to choose the gauge and shape of lancet best suited to the patient’s treatment plan and their lancing device.

Unilet® home use Lancets are compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices including Autolet® Plus and Unilet®.

 Unilet® - Home Use Lancets - Benefits

Unilet® Excelite

  • Comfort: provides a comfortable lancing experience without compromising on the blood volume¹. 

  • Compatibility: the home use lancet will fit most capillary blood lancing devices making it simple to choose a lancet to meet your needs³,⁵.

Unilet® ComforTouch™

  • Triple sharpened: lancets have triple sharpened steel needle tips designed for maximum comfort.
  • Compatibility: lancet will fit most capillary blood lancing devices³,⁵.
  • Convenient you can push the needle into the needle cap for convenient storage before disposal.
  • 100% needle inspection guarantees superior quality: every lancet is inspected to ensure the highest possible standards of quality.

Unilet® Lancets Range

Two ranges of single use lancets are available, Unilet® Excelite and Unilet® ComforTouch™. The range of lancet designs and needle specifications allows you to select the most suitable lancet for your needs. Both lancets are compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices.

Unilet® Excelite/Eco
Unilet® Lite
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Download the Unilet® Lancets Leaflet

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