Developed to Make Eye Drop Application Easy

Our range of eye care solutions help with the administer of eye drops, improving patient comfort and medication adherence.

AutoDrop® Eye Drop Aid 

AutoDrop® enables patients to self-administer their eye drops with ease, helping to improve patient comfort and medication adherence.

AutoDrop® can connect to most eye drop bottles. Its unique anti-blinking design draws the patient’s gaze away from the dropper whilst holding the lower lid gently in place to deliver the drop in the right place every time. The nozzle is positioned perfectly over the eye ensuring that drops are successfully delivered on the first attempt. With AutoDrop®, the eye drop container is kept away from the eye at all times and is easy to clean.


  • Effective delivery of treatment every time
  • Ease of use makes it easier for patients to adhere to medication
  • Reusable

Developed together with the Royal National Institute for the Blind.


AutoDrop® – Compatibility
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AutoDrop® – Instructions for Use
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AutoDrop® – Leaflet
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