A spring-free, passive safety device for 1mL pre-filled syringes

Safety devices for pre-filled syringes currently on the market are typically designed with an internal spring to enable activation of the safety mechanism. However the presence of a spring can cause additional challenges for the pharmaceutical industry, such as devices accidentally activating in transit.

Designed for safety

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services has developed UniSafe® 1mL safety device for pre-filled syringes. Using a unique design, UniSafe® does not rely on an internal spring to retract the needle into the safety shroud which protects the patient during use.

UniSafe®'s safety shroud fully encases the needle and it is automatically positioned as the user completes the injection procedure. When the injection is complete and the plunger fully depressed, the needle retracts into the safety shroud with no additional steps to the injection process.

An additional safety feature of the product is the prevention of syringe plunger removal from the rear of the device. The plunger and integrated stopper help to prevent drug leakage and wastage and in turn possible missed injections. In addition, the ability to prevent plunger removal provides tamper evidence and helps to prevent product reuse.

UniSafe® is available with coloured finger flanges and extended finger flanges.

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  • Simple 2-step final assembly
  • Secure plunger prevents removal, spillage and repeat use
  • User confidence with an unobscured syringe barrel for full drug visibility
  • Prevention of accidental activation
  • Passive needle retraction and complete shielding
  • Intuitive to use – same injection technique as pre-filled syringe
  • A longer shelf life, lasting for 3 years


UniSafe® 1mL Sales Sheet
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